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What is an Affelios Identity?
What is an Affelios Identity?

This article describes what an Affelios Identity is and how you can use it as an affiliate or an operator to supercharge your productivity.

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Within the Affelios Ecosystem a "User" is a distinct and separate entity from an "Affiliate", or an affiliate program "Operator". In this article, we explain what an Affelios Identity is, and how you can make the most out of yours.

One Identity. Multiple Programs. Unlimited Earnings.

Your Affelios Identity allows you to Join and partner with any affiliate program running on the Affelios Platform.

One Click Registrations

Gone are days of painstakingly managing multiple logins to 100s of partner programs.

Using your Affelios Identity, with just one click you can instantly give access to, and share your user registration details with a program that you wish to join.

How to Join Affiliate Programs

To join a new program couldn't be easier, simply find the affiliate program you want to join and sign in with your Affelios Identity to be presented with a screen similar to the following:

All that's left to do is click "Allow" to share your account information with the affiliate program you are trying to join and you'll instantly gain access to the back office.

Multiple Affiliate Accounts

Once you've joined an affiliate program you'll be able to create Multiple Affiliate Accounts and connect them to one or more Company entities that can also be shared between programs.

This allows you to manage universal Payout Methods and Marketing Sources without any additional overhead, controlling them all from one central location.

Find out more about Companies and how you can use them to supercharge your productivity across multiple affiliate programs.

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