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Create an Affiliate Account
Create an Affiliate Account

How to create an affiliate account in an Affelios program in three easy steps.

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Affelios provides an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that allows you to easily join multiple programs with one identity allowing you to lower administration overhead and maximize your earnings. Follow these steps to get started:

Create an Affelios Identity

  • Go to and sign up for a free Affelios Identity. This allows you to instantly join any program on the platform with one click. You can find out more information on what exactly an Affelios Identity is here.

Join the Affiliate Program

  • Find the program you want to promote and click "Join Now". Sign in with your Affelios Identity.

  • Click "Allow" to share your account info and gain instant access to the program's back office.

Create an Affiliate Account

There are two methods to creating an affiliate, the first method is presented to you when joining a program and will give you a standard flow to creating your affiliate.

The second method if you missed this step or wish to create multiple affiliates under your identity can be found within the program's backoffice itself.

  • In the program's backoffice, click "Create Affiliate" to make an account.

  • Enter your unique name, display name, and select or add a company.

  • Companies allow you to manage payout and traffic sources across programs.

Add Traffic Sources

  • Add information about where you will promote the program. This tracks referrals.

Set Up a Payout Method

  • Enter payment info like your bank account, PayPal, or Bitcoin wallet address to receive commissions.

Once done, access your affiliate dashboard to get promo links/banners and monitor your progress. With Affelios, you can easily scale your earnings across multiple programs.

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