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Transitioning from Your Current Sign-In Provider to a New Account
Transitioning from Your Current Sign-In Provider to a New Account
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If you are currently using a third-party sign-in provider to access our identity system and need to switch, you will need to create a new account with us. This guide will help you understand the steps involved in transitioning to a new account, ensuring that your new account has the same permissions and access as your previous one.

The steps in this article assume you operate as a brand wishing to create a new admin account for your program.

If you wish to transition away from your current Sign-In provider as an affiliate, you will need to contact the program manager for each of the programs you promote and have them re-assign your permissions from your old account to your new account.

Why Create a New Account?

Affelios Identity currently does not support the ability to change or add new sign-in providers directly. To transition away from your current sign-in provider, you must create a new account with us and manually replicate the permissions from your previous account.

Steps to Transition from Your Current Sign-In Provider:

  1. Create a New Account:

    • Visit our registration page and create a new account. Use an email address that you have access to and can manage securely. You can follow this guide here.

  2. Replicate Permissions:

    • After setting up your new account, you need to replicate the permissions and access controls that your previous account had. This includes assigning the same roles, privileges, and access to programs and resources within our system. More information on configuring user permissions can be found here.

  3. Test the New Setup:

    • After setting up the new account and updating permissions, thoroughly test the new setup to ensure everything works correctly. Verify that you can access all the necessary programs and resources.

If you have done everything correctly, your new account should now have the same access as your previous account.

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