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Invoice generation & VAT calculation
Invoice generation & VAT calculation

Understand how VAT is calculated & invoices are generated.

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In Affelios, invoices are generated during the payout process. These are run by program administrators during payout periods. Once invoices are generated, you'll be able to find them under the "Payouts" section in the left-hand navigation menu. Program administrators may have specific requirement that must be met such as commission threshold requirements which will prevent payouts being generated until you reach those specific requirements and a payout is re-run by the program administrator, this could be during the next payout period. You're advised to resolve any issues in this regard with your program administrators.

VAT is calculated during the payout process, however if you do not have your tax settings setup correctly under your affiliate's payout settings, then the tax calculations won't show up on your invoice. Below we will go through the steps to add your tax settings.

Go to your Affiliate's settings page

First select "Affiliates" from the left hand navigation menu, and select the Affiliate you manage under your account, if you have multiple you may wish to repeat these steps for each affiliate you manage.

Add your Tax IDs

Begin by going to the "Payout Details" section for your Affiliate.

Once you're on the "Payout Details" section of your Affiliate, you'll want to scroll down to find your Tax Settings. Once found, you can add your Tax IDs as well as specify your tax calculation percentage.

Note: Tax calculations won't calculate or appear on invoices if Tax IDs aren't specified.

Previous invoices cannot be regenerated with the tax calculation. This only affects future invoices.

Once you've added the above, any future payouts will include your tax calculations on your invoices. You are done.

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