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Adding A Payout Method

This article guides an affiliate through adding payout methods.

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Adding approved payout methods gives program administrators the ability to generate invoices for disbursing commissions to your bank, paypal or even a bitcoin address. You can add a payout method when joining a program for the first time or after, it's entirely up to you.

Adding a payout method when joining a program

When presenting with the option during the program registration flow, click the "New Payout Method" button. You'll be presented with a few options:

Select the payout option applicable to you, if you wish to create multiple you can repeat this process after setting up your first method. Once you've added your first payout option, you can go ahead and add another payout method.

Once you've added your payout methods, go ahead and ensure you've selected a default by clicking on the payout method you wish to use as a default. This will act as your preferred payout method and program administrators will opt for your default if they can support it.

Adding a payout method after joining a program

Navigate to the program's dashboard, and select "Affiliates" in the left-hand navigation menu.

Select the affiliate you wish to modify from the table view presented. You'll find navigation at the top where you can select "Payout Details" and add new payout methods or select a new default method.

Once you are done, there is nothing more to do. A program administrator will generate invoices for your preferred payout method if supported, otherwise falling back to your other payout methods.

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